Pride Mini Grants results

In honor of Pride Month this June, I put out a call:

Tweet from @b_cavello announcing the Pride Mini Grants

I offered to sponsor a small number of mini grants of $500 to support members of the LGBT+ community.

Preview of Mini Grants application survey form

On the submission form, I explained:

“It is open to all queer folks, and there are no limitations on the kinds of goals or projects it can be used for. Projects in all states of completion are welcome, so please don’t be shy!”

The grant application form was launched on the evening of June 2nd, 2018 and ran for almost 10 days until I closed applications prematurely on June 11th, 2018. In total, there were 948 applications and 13 additional grant funders who contributed a total of $7,750.

Together, I am proud to say, we were able to raise $10,000 to fund twenty $500 mini grants to queer teachers, students, artists, developers, activists, and parents!

2018 Pride Mini Grants by the numbers

Total submissions: 948
Total mini grants: 20

On the application form, I asked people for their name and an email to contact them by as well as their age, who they were, how they would use a $500 mini grant, and any relevant stories/posts/images to accompany their submission.

Age Average Range
Applicants 25.5 14 to 58
Recipients 26.3 20 to 39.5

I used regex to search the “Who are you?” answers to estimate the number of people self-identifying in each of the following categories. Out of the full 948 applicants:

Count Identity Regex Search
198 Trans “trans |ftm|mtf|trans[wmgsb]”
185 Nonbinary “nb |nonbin|enby|[ai]gende|genderq|non-bin”
155 Bi “ bi |bisexual”
93 Gay “gay|homo |homos|mlm”
73 Lesbian “lesb|wlw|dyke|sapph”
24 Ace “ace | asex| aro”
2 Two-Spirit “two spirit|2spirit|2 spirit|twospirit|2s”
2 Intersex “intersex|cafab”
52 Black “afro| black|afric|afrik”
52 Latinx “latin|hispan|mexic|chican|xican”
21 Asian “ asian|chines|korean|filipi|indian”
5 Indigenous “indigenous|first natio”
54 Disabled “disab”
19 Autistic “autis”
5 Fat “fat |fatt”

Not only are these terms not mutually exclusive, but you can see that the sum of these categories (940) is less than the full number of applicants (948), so there are additional identities not captured here or folks who chose not to identify in any of these terms in their submission.